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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our first day out

Our first day out was actually Tuesday January, 23. But we are just getting around to creating a blog now.

We have decided we really want to watch and research our beavers. We don't really know much about beavers but what better way to find out then by watching them, their behaviors etc. So the three of us, Mom, Dallen and Phillip, decided to trek down to the creek and walk the length of the creek on our property observing what has happened so far and taking pictures. Marking the trees that they have cut down so far, seemed to be the best way to monitor their "knawing" activity, so we tagged each "stump" with a piece of red yarn, to make it visible the next time we go for a walk. This was time consuming but we hope that it will give us some idea of how many trees they cut down in a certain period of time. Right now we are researching what types of trees beavers like and dislike and how fast these trees grow. Using this information we hope to be able to plant trees in the near future to prevent erosion of the sides of the creek from these beautiful rodents.

We have not yet seen the beavers. But after looking at this web site we have learned that they are most active at night, so when it warms up a bit maybe we will stroll down to the creek at night to see if we can catch a glimpse.
It seems that they are traveling from our creek up and out of the creek across a few yards to a marshy low part of our pasture. It would seem like a good place to *hang out* and hide. There are lots of bushes and brush there, we can see where they climb up out of the creek, they have left lots of great tracks in the mud. Also visible is a path of flattened grass that leads to the marshy area. You can also see where they slide back down into the creek. It is so amazing. We had so much fun on this first trek to see the beaver's habitat. We hope they decide to stay with us for a while and aren't too upset if we keep coming back to see what they are up to. We also hope you enjoy this adventure as much as we do. We will try to update at least once a week.