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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well, the cold has gone for the moment and it has been warm enough for us to trudge down through and around the creek. Still haven't actually seen the beavers, may have to make a night hike down, or bring our telescope out to the deck to see what we see from a distance. It is really hard to be quiet. LOL.

It has been 29 days since we last visited them. Our "tagging" method worked on the trees, the red yarn is still there around the stumps left behind as they cut their way through our forest. We have approximately 25 new stumps. Although most are about 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter there were 2 that were around 6 inches or larger in diameter cut down.

We did see what looks like a Den, is that what beaver homes are called? We will have to look that up to be sure. It was really quite cool, underwater labyrinth of sticks and branches bunched up under some tree roots in the water. We thought it looked really interesting so Phillip took a picture of it, after climbing down the creek bank and working his way out on the roots.
We also found a really nice damn. We think we might have seen the beginnings of this before but it was not well defined. Now there are many more trees and branches, and you can see the ends that are really "beaver" cut, not just branches that have floated on down the creek. It is not blocking the water completely but enough to give a little "lake" effect. And so far it doesn't look like it will be an immediate problem. The creek banks are quite a bit higher that the water level at this point. Our house sits atop a pretty steep hill, and we have some low land down near the creek. But I would not want this low land to flood any more than it already is. It is pretty "marshy" there now. So we plan to just keep an eye on it for the time being and see how it goes.

Oh and just one more pictures. :-) Here is a picture of a cool tree we found. We have huge amounts of honey suckle growing everywhere and it is so common for the vine to work it's way up a tree and the tree's growth to be altered in some unusual ways, by the vine. Of course we had to take a picture of it. Just to interesting to pass up.
We will be setting up the telescope soon so we hope to have a new twist to add to this whole adventure. And next time we go down to the creek we plan to do some plaster castings of the prints we see. That is always fun.
Until next time...

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The Genants said...

OK I found the answer to my own question. LODGE. A beaver home is a lodge.