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Friday, March 30, 2007

Are they still here?

Well about 4 weeks ago we had a huge amount of rain. We went down to see how the beavers made out and the damn was washed away down the creek over the waterfall. So sad. So we have been checking on them about once a week to see if we can see any signs of them. Didn't know if they would rebuild or move on to a better spot. We were just about giving up when today the boys took some friends down to the creek and saw an animal floating dead in the water caught up on some sticks and branches. After Jackson got home from work we went down and got it out of the water, it was a raccoon. Sad but at least it wasn't a beaver. So we buried the raccoon today. And will have a small cleansing service tomorrow to wish him well as he crosses over. On a positive note we saw beaver tracks. It rained last night so was muddy down by the creek. So maybe they haven't abandoned us all together. I also was able to take a picture of Phillip with one of his friends, and a nice picture looking down the creek a bit.

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