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Monday, May 14, 2007

Black Snake in Our Yard

Just a nice day for our animals. I heard Sugar, our husky mix, barking this afternoon, and she was not going to stop. So after a few minutes I decided to go see what the stir was about. She had a black snake cornered. I am sure she thought she was protecting her family. Unharmed but probably scared, the 3 foot snake was just curled up waiting for rescue, wiggling his little tail to try to sound intimidating like a rattle snake. So the boys and I snapped a couple of photos, brought Sugar inside and watched as the snake slithered up a nearby bush, out of sight. Too cool. I am sure he is a lot happier now. :-)

Too much poison ivy

OK there is just too much poison ivy down by the creek now to go check on the beavers. We have heard noises in the evening, sounds like tail slapping etc. Both Phillip and I have had a round of poison ivy and it is just not worth it.

We did however fall in love with Alpacas. I have wanted a couple of alpacas for a while but now I have Jackson on board as well. We took a family vacation out to the south west a couple of weeks ago, and I convinced the family to visit
Victory Ranch. This is such a cool place with the most wonderful family. They are so knowledgable and so loving of all their alpacas. We stayed a couple of hours and Jackson asked so many questions. Now he is in love with the alpacas too. We have planety of land for a couple of pet/fiber animals. Now we just need to fence in an area etc and we will be all set. So hopefully by this time next year we will be the proud owners of a couple of alpacas. But honestly, who wouldn't fall in love with the creatures.