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Monday, August 27, 2007


Oh I have some picture of a few of our chickens. One of my sons has been taking pictures for a project he is doing and I thought they were so cute I would share them. We LOVE our chickens. No they are not free range. Tried that but there are just too many wild and "tame" animals around here. Lost all of our hens one time and a couple another time. So now they are in a pen. I should take picture of that sometime. We converted a horse stall into a pen, with roosting branches and nesting boxes for them. Then we have a fenced in outside area that is under cover, it has a dirt floor but they can get outside even if the weather is not the best. Then we have 2 runs set up, enclosed of course, and we alternate opening these up. They can get outside in the sunshine and peck around in the grass all they want and when one looks like it is getting a little over pecked, we close it and open the other side. They seem to really enjoy this.

I love watching our hens. I know it sounds crazy but they are really fascinating, watching them eat, work out their own hierarchy, then bask in the sun and clean themselves. Our barn is up away from the house so if I want to get away from the computer and phone and TV I go up and sit there with my cup of tea watching the hens. Very relaxing.

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