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Monday, August 13, 2007

Garden Abundance

I love harvesting from our garden. I think I have said this before but there is such a feeling of abundance in every way when I come down from the garden with so much produce. I feel so satisfied, full, at home, replenished. Just a wonderful feeling. I have been working with the tomatoes lately, cooking them down. This year I am freezing them, we have plenty of room in the freezer and the seal a meal thing works so well at getting all the air out before I freeze. Made some into spaghetti sauce and many many many more into crushed tomatoes for chili and other things. It has been HOT here lately, so I have been watering the plants a bit, but it certainly hasn't slowed down production.

Our watermelon are coming ripe now as well, so we are having fresh watermelon a few times a week.

We have never tried growing potatoes here before, we have been here in NC for 9 years. But this year we gave it a go. They are looking good, hoping to be able to harvest them in a couple of weeks. We will see how it goes. I have never grown sweet potatoes that it new for me. I love trying new things.

I saw a picture of a greenhouse type of thing, made with PVC pipe that is covered with clear plastic. In the article they planted beans and other "climbing" things in side, then as the weather warmed they took the plastic off and let the vines climb up the PVC. So if you can picture it the contraption was long and skinny. I want to try that next year so I will have to take pictures so you can see how it goes.

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