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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sharing Abundance

I noticed yesterday just how many watermelon we have in the garden. I was so surprised, we only planted 3 plants. Amazing how they multiply, in what seems like, overnight. A gentleman came to the door this morning asking if he could buy a couple of our watermelon. Hmmmm we had never even given that a thought, we plant for the joy of growing food for our family, we have been enjoying the sweetness of the watermelon for a few weeks now.

So I told the man he could have a couple. Really we haven't thought about selling them and we have so many we will never eat them all. He seemed shocked. Don't people share anymore. LOL. We just have so much it felt right to be able to share a little with our neighbors. You must be able to see the watermelon from the road. I hadn't looked before, we have our corn, potatoes and watermelon in a separate plot down below the house near the road. Glad to know our watermelons are so lovely looking that someone would even consider asking if he could buy a couple.

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