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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ant Lion

OK we have seen the ant lion pits all over the place up by our chickens. There is an area that is very sandy there and under cover so it gets very little rain. The pits are too cool and we sit and watch for long stretches of time as the ant lion builds the pit. Can't see the ant lion just the sand flying up out of the hole it is digging, very cool to watch, and mesmerizing.

Dallen has been helping me gather eggs every day now and he stops at the ant lion pits to try to catch a glimpse of the ant lion itself. They are hard things to catch. He will take a piece of straw and gently wiggle it in the pit to attract the ant lion and the other day came so close, he could see the pincher like jaws but that was it before it retreated back into it's hole.

Well today was just a treat. He really wanted to see what the ant lion looked like, in person, so he showed me how to giggle the straw just right to get the ant lion to come out of it's hole a bit. So we were up there for a few minutes going from hole to hole, trying to see one. I giggled the straw in one particularly large hole and the side collapsed a bit, and right there was the ant lion just sitting waiting for it's prey. We took it out for a minute to get a good look at it, then gently placed it back into it's pit so it could go on about it business of catching dinner.

Very cool, and I am so glad I was there to experience it with my son.

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