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Monday, September 24, 2007


Well, yesterday (Sunday) we headed out to make our annual journey, well only about 30 minute drive, to pick apples. The ONLY place that I know of where you can still pick your own apples in this area. Some "say" you can pick your own, only to find out that what they mean is that they will pick them off the tree and put the apples into a huge bin and you can "pick" the apples out of the bin. NOT THE SAME!!

This place is beautiful and we have been coming back each year for about 6 years now. A lovely orchard with a huge selection of different types of apples. It is up in the mountains with a wonderful view of the area all around. You really feel like you must be at the closest point to heaven that exists on earth, surrounded by ripe, juicy, delicious apples. YUM!!

OK so back to reality, we get there and out from no where appears a sign "CLOSED". No it can't be....why are they closed. Don't they know this is one of the highlights of our year. The sign reads that most of their crop was damaged by an early frost. DARN. We were all so psyched for this, and such a bummer. So we talk about it for a while, and decide to go to one of the orchards in the valley, just another 20 minutes further up the road. Can't pick your own, can only buy pre-bagged apples, still fresher than in the store but NOT as fresh as the ones you pick yourself off the tree. We buy a couple of different varieties, and some local honey, takes a total of 5 minutes and we are off, eating apples as we go.

Because of the seriously bummed state of all vehicle occupants we decide to circle up around another 10 minutes and take a different route home that goes through a large town, and get something to eat. The restaurants were empty because it was like 3:00 in the afternoon, which is great. The waitress was wonderful and about 1/2 way through the meal she commented that we have beautiful children and that she was thrilled to see that we were letting them be just who they are. I am thinking she was looking at the long hair on my boys. LOL. Then she went on to say how she doesn't stress about little things and lets her daughter pick whatever she wants to wear etc. She was sincere and very polite. So that was kind of cool. Having a positive impact when you don't even think anyone is watching at all.

So we went home and later last night I made an apple pizza. The boys call it that because I use a pizza stone so the shape is like a pizza. I start with my homemade dough, a bit sweeter than a pizza dough, then add cut up fresh apples and top with a streusel that my German friend would be proud of. Cook for about 20 minutes and it is done, and delicious. Of course you have to let it cool for a few minutes for the apples to set up and so you don't burn your mouth. But delicious. We all enjoyed it. As you can see from the picture I took this morning it is already 1/2 gone.
So a great day after all, just not what we had planned. Sometimes that happens.


Christy said...

This happened to us when we went to pick raspberries. The guy told us they had gotten picked out the day before. I guess that is why they recommend calling first. We were able to pick apples this year though.

dharmamama said...

The recipe? Where's the recipe? LOL

dharmamama said...

Oh - that's me, Caren!