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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cold Frames

It rained all day yesterday, what a blessing. But we are still low on water. Jackson helped me fashion a couple of cold frames today, I have never used cold frames so this will be our experiment. It was totally made out of recycled things from around our house so I guess if it doesn't work well the only thing wasted was our time, and not much of that. We also took the time to pull up our tomato cages and tomatoes while we were up in the garden. The day is just perfect for working outside, nice and sunny but with a nice cool breeze. Felt really nice. I always enjoyed spending time in our garden. We have been talking about next year. The weeds got the best of us again this year. It is just so so so HOT here mid summer that it makes it dangerous to be outside. Great weather for using the solar oven but for gardening it is miserable. Next year we are going to try mulching better to try to keep the weeds down some. Also my youngest may be at a point where it is OK if I go outside to garden in the morning while he is still asleep. Right now he does not like that. He likes me to be in the house when he wakes up. Which has been fine with me because, believe me, there is plenty to do inside the house to keep me busy.
Come Spring we will see how he is feeling about it all. And maybe revamp our morning routine a bit.

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