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Sunday, October 21, 2007


OK I have some interesting pictures I thought I would share here. While we were on the beach today, I met this woman who has been working with the Sea Turtle Conservation efforts here in Hawaii for 19 years. I guess I should say that we are on vacation right now in Hawaii and having a fabulous time. We also have Sea Turtle Conservation efforts in North Carolina too, but the difference is that here you can see the Sea Turtles out everywhere and at just about any time of day. We saw some earlier out eating sea weeds, then walking along the beach we saw another one up on the Lava rocks sunning herself, nice, warm spot. And later this afternoon while walking along the beach we saw a few out resting on the shore. She was saying that at night you can come out and see them lined up along the shore sleeping for the night. Very cool, they just ask that you not touch them or get too close. So here are some of our pictures.

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Danielle said...

Too cool! I hope you all are having a wonderful time, but I'm sure you are!