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Monday, October 15, 2007

The View

While hanging out laundry this morning I was taking the time to really enjoy the view from our deck. We have put the clothes line right across the deck. I hesitated at first, but we created a clothes line (well really 2) that can easily be taken down when we are having guests, and back up in a minute for more laundry. I have come to REALLY enjoy the placement of the lines. Right on the deck so I can look out over our property, see the mountains in the distance, feel the fresh air and gentle breeze, when there is one. This time of year is perfect. Not hot, not cold, a nice breeze and fresh smell, trees just barely starting to change to the colors of fall. I love hanging out laundry at this time of year, and tend to linger, taking extra care, so I can enjoy the time and cherish the feel of the clothes, thinking about each member of my family, what they are doing, the joy they bring into my life, and all we have created here.

So I thought I would share the view from our deck. In one of the pictures you can see part of the deck rail. Just amazing beauty.


Osprey said...


dharmamama said...

That is beautiful, Pam. I've been hanging out our laundry since this Spring, and plan to continue as long as I can. I remember hanging out clothes in the Winter when I was a kid! Cold, red, hands, then coming in to stand by the furnace.

My mom loves living in Granite Falls. Even though she was raised
IN the mountains of Maine, I know it reminds her of home. Do you feel that, too?

Pam Genant said...

Actually I was born and raised on the coast of Maine, family of fishermen. So I feel more at home when I can hear the roar of the ocean and the smell of the salt air. I do love the mountains though. Very peaceful and the winding roads do remind me of Maine, where you never knew what was behind the next turn.