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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Weeds and seeds

Well NOTHING has come up in our cold frames. STILL. Well I should say the weeds love it. So I took a section of the cold frame and replanted, this time with radish seeds. Had some left over, and radishes are so quick to germinate and produce, I thought that would be a good last minute crop. We will see what happens. I do see that the okra that was tilled under is sprouting nicely. Of course it will not be too much longer before it gets too cold for them, so they will not have time to produce. I wonder if I have any thin PVC and some clear plastic and could make a "green house" or sorts for them, hmmmm. Maybe I should just take advantage of what is coming up and see if I can keep them warm enough to produce anything.

I am glad the okra seeds germinated in a way, because I saved so many of the seeds myself for next year, and gave some away, so to see them germinate and grow is reassuring.

OK off to check on my radishes this morning.

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