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Saturday, November 3, 2007


Well for this post I have no picture of the rain because we don't have any rain, haven't had any rain in a long while. It is so dry here. We are doing all we can to conserve water, my fall/winter garden is now all dried up, I stopped watering. We are taking quicker, fewer showers. Trying our best to conserve. I don't think some people really have a balanced perspective sometimes. I was on line last night and the TV was on, although I am not sure what channel. But it was some kind of talk program. The host was talking saying how she felt really bad for the people in the East who were experiencing a drought. Yeah, yeah. Then she said "they won't have water to wash their clothes, wash their dishes or water their lawns". What...did I just hear her right...did she say we won't have water to water our lawns. OK the lawns were gone a long time ago, we are under water restrictions now. It is so bad some counties are OUT of water and are buying water from elsewhere.

As if watering a lawn is a top three priority right under dishes and laundry. I think watering the grass and washing the car were two of the first things that we were asked to give up, way back some time ago. Although we do neither, LOL. It is becoming desperate around here, we NEED water. So if you know a rain dance...please do it...think of us.


Christy said...

I was watching a football game in Atlanta and the announcer was talking about the drought and the big thing was that people couldn't water lawns or wash cars. And the football stadium couldn't water the field. I was just sitting there thinking really? This is our concern, they are about to run out of water and we are worried about watering a football field? How messed up are our priorities?

Pam Genant said...

Exactly Christy. I don't think people truly understand what water means. All they know is that they turn on the faucet and there it is. When they think of restrictions they aren't thinking of showers, dishes, drinking...they are thinking washing the car and watering the lawn. So messed up. Ren posted about this on her blog as well, she and I live pretty close together and it is a majory concern.