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Friday, November 9, 2007

Winter chill

Although we don't really have "winter" here in western NC where we live, it does get a little chilly. And the last few days have been chilly. We have a fireplace in the house but do not use it for heat. Anyone that owns a fireplace knows what I mean, they just are not efficient as a heat source. We do have some acreage here and use any fallen trees for the wood. So I do have some wood available, what the termites have not used up already, LOL.

So the last couple of days I have started a fire in the fireplace. The dogs love to snuggle up in front of it, and it just makes the whole living room feel warm and cozy. It is nice to sit and knit and rock in front of the fire, or read all snuggled up by the fire. A friend sent me some wild crafted tea about a week ago, so brewing up a pot of that adds to the whole atmosphere. Do I miss the cold winter of Maine?...not really. Do I enjoy the fire, tea and cozy feeling of being all snuggled down in the winter?....yes. Can you have one without the other?...certainly. LOL

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