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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Living Crafts

I friend of mine just introduced me to a new magazine. I love it. Can I say that again....I love it. It is called Living Crafts. It is so full of wonderful craft ideas from more complicated to very easy. Crafts that are more spiritual in nature, crafts that are fun, crafts to do for your family, crafts to do with children (of all ages). I can see several things I want to try from this first issue, a couple I see that I already have the necessary items hanging around my house.

Anyway I wanted to pass along this great gift. Enjoy!!

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MoBea said...

I designed the felted mittens with the snow cuffs that are in the winter issue. My grandsons requested mittens that did not allow snow to go up their sleeves. I also am a big fan of Living Crafts and like very the much the promotion of natural fibers.
Molli Hartel