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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


OK I have ordered my seeds. And planned our garden for this year. I still have parsley, oregano and radishes growing in the cold frames. We did get some greens from the cold frames as well this year. I think at the end of the next growing season I am going to plant more greens in the cold frames for winter. I see a few others on the Homesteadin Unschoolers ring have posted their seed order so here is what we are planting this year:

Little Marvel PEA, ENGLISH
Calico Crowder (Pole Cat) PEA, SOUTHERN
Black Valentine, Stringless BEAN, SNAP (BUSH)
Green Zebra TOMATO
Zucchini, Grey SQUASH, SUMMER
Waltham Butternut SQUASH, FALL / WINTER
Lutz Green Leaf (Winter Keeper) BEET
Early Wonder Tall Top BEET
Cherry Belle RADISH
Pennsylvania Butter-Flavored CORN, POPCORN
Silver Queen - hybrid CORN, SWEET
Early Sunglow - hybrid CORN, SWEET
Luther Hill CORN, SWEET
Salad Bowl LETTUCE
Drunken Woman LETTUCE
Old Fashioned Ragged Edge MUSTARD
Chamomile, German HERB / NATIVE PLANT
Cilantro (Coriander) HERB / NATIVE PLANT
Arugula Rocket
Restaurant Melon Bargain
Jerusalem Artichoke Tubers
Black Turtle Bean
Great Northern Bean
Dark Red Kidney Bean
Shampoo Ginger

Seeds we harvested last year:
Two different types of watermelon
2 different types of basil
Red Velvet Okra
jalapeno peppers

To be bought locally:
green and yellow peppers
sweet potatoes
egg plant

We are adding a couple of new plants this year, some are ones the boys picked out. We will see how it goes.


Danielle said...

I might be a loser if...

...I totally geek out when other people post their seed lists.

I forgot to add your okra to my list! Off to fix that...

gpc said...

Thank you for the inspiration! I haven't had a garden for years. After reading your post, I can't resist planting my biggest garden ever this year. Here's the link to my post about your blog.