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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Our FLOR is done...well almost

I first started really thinking about FLOR when I read about it on Madeline's blog, and even though I can't find the exact entry, you will love her blog. So I started reading on the FLOR web site. We were looking to rework the flooring in our front room, more affectionately known as the animal room. The flooring is as old as the house, and never looks clean. So we were thinking about carpeting, to make the room look warmer, and also make the floor feel warmer. I was really hesitant using carpet "tiles", just thought they would move and shift as you walked on them. But the idea of a recycled/recyclable product interested me. I asked a few questions and we decided to give it a try.

We are liking the look of it. We will see how it works in time. Installation was easy. I say we are almost done because we were about 7 tiles short. In looking at the invoice etc, we found out that one of the boxes was not delivered. And in looking at the tracking, that box is stuck in Greensboro. Has been there since Monday, all alone. So hopefully tomorrow we can straighten everything out and by mid-week the floor will be done.

The color in the picture isn't really true, in reality it is a bit darker. In the background you can see one of our tanks, the room is not all loaded back in yet, that tank is the home of our ball python, Spot.

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Madeline said...

Congratulations! It looks great. I have come several times without posting but I had to finally write. We didn't tape all of ours together, having read that others had no problems with theirs after just laying it down without the stickers. It is moving as a result (just a bit) and I am going to use the stickers. On the room where we did stick them together it has been great.

Also, I loved "Tibet:Cry of the Snow Lion" as well. I'll have to rent it again and watch it with the kids.