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Monday, April 7, 2008

More gardening

We have had so much rain lately. It is wonderful, we need the rain and hopefully it will help keep the drought away this summer when it is HOT. So I am in no way complaining about the rain, it just makes it really hard to get into my garden. I am so glad I too the time a couple of weeks ago to get up there and plant the things that needed to be planted, the greens and peas especially and they don't seem to fair well when it is too hot. I can see radishes and beets coming up, along with the peas, and greens. Onions are also doing really well.

So yesterday we had a stall in the rain for a bit, and it is supposed to be nice for the next couple of days, or so my dh tells me. I tend not to listen to the weather report and just look outside my window in the morning to see what it is doing. So we planted out tomatoes and peppers yesterday. Didn't do a whole lot in the garden as it is still pretty wet, but wanted to get these in the ground. You can see a few of our plants in the picture. We have had to make our own tomato cages here, the plants just get so huge and the tomatoes are so heavy that the store bought cages are crushed under the weight. But the ones we made our of wire mesh used for cement slabs and such seem to be holding out very well, and we reuse them year after year. I still have to plant some Roma tomatoes, we love those in bruschette and I want to try sun drying some this year.

So that is the garden update for today, if the weather holds out maybe I can get back up there this week for more planting.

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