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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Garden

OK we are back from the FLT Gathering, and also back from a relaxing, much needed, vacation to the beach, and back in gear.

The garden is doing so well. It is wonderful to see everything popping up and coming alive. We weeded some today, and I still need to order some seeds for mulch in the garden. We are looking at ways to use the same plots, rotate some and nourish the soil. The garden is in such a nice convenient place right now, I don't want to move it. I was reading in a magazine about planting comfrey or clover, or other crops that you let grow (in a separate location), but not to seed, then cut and use them as mulch in your garden, when the season is over you till them in. Providing some weed control during the planting season, and nourishment as they decompose in the off season. But need to read a bit more then order some seeds in bulk. We just don't have enough compost to feed the entire garden. The garden has tripled in size over the last several years.

Our greens are up and ready, however, so I was out weeding, then picked some collards and mustards to cook tonight. I have some spaghetti sauce left from last year (hopefully it will last until we have tomatoes again this year) and am going to heat a little up, add the greens and spaghetti and bake it with a little sheep cheese, yum. Also have radishes so will make a nice radish salad to go with it. Can't wait for supper.

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