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Sunday, May 18, 2008


I love jam, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, not too fond of grape, but otherwise I have jam on toast, jam on bread or jam on a bagel every morning with my hot chai latte. YUM!!

Jackson had some strawberries given to him at work last week, such a bonus. I enjoy those bonuses. So what did I do with them....well make jam of course. I just hate the "thickeners" used so I searched a few sites to see what other people do when making jam and found the perfect, simplest, tastiest jam ever. Just berries, sugar and a little lemon juice. Boil it at a full boil and test it occasionally by putting a small tsp on a frozen plate (that allows you to see the consistency when it is cool). When it is the consistency you like, pour it into jars and preserve it. Hot jam in hot jars will seal easily but if they don't just boil them in a water bath and you are good to do. So I have some fresh jam to use. YUM!!!

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Madeline said...

The colors in those jars are making me lust for jam! I have never made it and last year we stopped growing strawberries (too many weeds) but I am going to offer to help with the weeding (this is huge for me)and replant them; I miss them so.