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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One Local Summer

I saw on Danielle's blog, a link to the One Local Summer Challenge. I have never participated before but during the summer so much we eat comes straight out of our garden so it really shouldn't be that difficult to have a less than 100 mile meal once a week. Of course more difficult when we are traveling, as we do a lot this time of year, but we will see.

Rules are: "Participants will be expected to make one meal each week using locally grown ingredients (we use the typical 100 mile radius definition - your definition may vary). The permissible exceptions to this rule are oil, salt and pepper, and spices. June 1 is a Sunday this year, which makes it the perfect day to start the challenge! Make your meal and post about it on your blog (or send us an email with details if you don’t have a blog) - we’ll swing by on Sunday each week to get the details, and a post will go up here on Monday detailing the fantastic meals everyone had the week prior. "

OK so it starts June 1 and we will be with friends in BC Canada that week. They are homesteading so eating locally should be easy. Will take a picture of course but won't have any internet connection so will have to post about it when we are "back online".

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