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Monday, May 12, 2008


OK I have always had rhubarb growing up. We had tried a few years back to buy and grow some here but it was not successful at all. My thought was that it was the region. Maybe in Maine it grows well, but in NC it might be the soil, the heat, the rainfall etc, something that prevents it from growing.

When my grandmother died, I went back to Maine for her burial, and was walking around the outside of her house just thinking about playing here when I was younger, there was a huge bunch of rhubarb, growing and spreading. I asked my aunt if I could take just a couple of small pieces to see if I could transplant them to my home in NC. She even helped me dig some up. Three small pieces, that is what I had, they barely survived the trip home, all were severely wilted, and two were to the point of no return (or so I thought). We planted them anyway, gave them some love, and what do you know, they all pulled through and have been thriving. We have three huge bunches of rhubarb. And my dh loves rhubarb, as much as I. Here is a picture of some rhubarb I picked last week, I also had some for freezing, and will have plenty more over the months to come.

And here is a picture of my solar oven, love having that back out again, and inside is a rhubarb crisp cooking. I meant to get a picture of it after it was all done, but too late for that now.


Christy said...

I've debated buying a solar over. I have one I made but it doesn't get very hot. I'm thinking a bought one would probably work better. I assume you are happy with the one you got?

Pam Genant said...

Yes we are very happy with this one. It will get up to 350 degrees and beyond at times. I have made pasta dishes, cooked greens and veggies in there, and like I did this time, rhubarb crisp etc. Haven't tried cakes though.