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Sunday, June 29, 2008

One Local Summer

I see in my blog that I haven't posted since my One Local Summer meal last week. Sorry about that, I have been so busy in the garden that I haven't had time to take picture and blog. We have been eating most of every meal from the garden, and of course from our chickens. This week I am posting a breakfast request from my boys. They wanted to use the new potatoes from our garden so I roasted the potatoes and some green beans from our garden and made biscuits. I have found a local source of flour but not sure I will continue to purchase from them. Not an organic source, so I am pondering the never ending question of organic vs local.

I wanted to add a nice egg in there on the side, but the boys did not want egg this morning. So there you have it. The only non local ingredients would be the bak powder in the biscuits and the Olive Oil I used to roast the potatoes.

Friday, June 20, 2008

One Local Summer

OK so this is One Local Summer week 3. Let me post the picture first and then talk about it:

OK this year I am so enjoying our garden, well I do every year. But this year it is three times as big, which had me worried in the beginning, would we be able to care for such a large garden. Not to worry, it is turning out just fine and we are enjoying the abundance of food. This week I am choosing this meal for the challenge, although last night we had some green beans which were delicious so I almost changed my mind.

Here we have a frittata with eggs from our chickens, greens and onion from our garden, and goat cheese from a friend. This friend lives in Georgia but her neighbor makes the cheese and the friend happened to be coming this way for a visit and brought some with her for me. So I am calling this local as it is local for her and there was no additional shipping involved. Steamed beets, gotta love beets. And these ones are so pretty, when they are raw you can really see the wonderfully colored rings. I will have to take a picture of that one of these days. Also we have a salad from the garden as well.

What did not come from our property was the cheese (local) and the salad dressing. It was so delicious both of my boys enjoyed it as well and we will certainly have it again.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

One Local Summer

This year I decided to join "One Local Summer", where the object is to make one meal a week with all local ingredients. We do this as much as possible anyway so I decided to take up the challenge. Of course we have been on vacation for the past two weeks, part of the time out of the country, so what I ate was dictated by where we were, and I did no cooking at all. So this will be my first submission this year, for One Local Summer.

We arrived home at around 4:00 yesterday from vacation. Got to work weeding in the garden and decided, as I looked around at everything that was growing, to grab supper from the garden. We had a salad of mixed salad greens, including my favorite this year...Drunken Woman Lettuce, as well as onions, tomatoes out of the garden and eggs from our chickens. With that we steamed up some beets. Here is what it looked like all finished, the only thing not from our own home was the salad dressing.