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Sunday, June 29, 2008

One Local Summer

I see in my blog that I haven't posted since my One Local Summer meal last week. Sorry about that, I have been so busy in the garden that I haven't had time to take picture and blog. We have been eating most of every meal from the garden, and of course from our chickens. This week I am posting a breakfast request from my boys. They wanted to use the new potatoes from our garden so I roasted the potatoes and some green beans from our garden and made biscuits. I have found a local source of flour but not sure I will continue to purchase from them. Not an organic source, so I am pondering the never ending question of organic vs local.

I wanted to add a nice egg in there on the side, but the boys did not want egg this morning. So there you have it. The only non local ingredients would be the bak powder in the biscuits and the Olive Oil I used to roast the potatoes.

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