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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have been canning foods for a long time, my mother taught me about canning when I was young. Although we did not have a separate freezer when I as growing up so that was the primary way we preserved foods. I have a large freezer so I can about 1/2 of what I preserve. I freeze some and also things like potatoes, beets etc I leave in the ground. It does not really freeze here so I have had no trouble with leaving things in the ground. I have mentioned before that both of my parents have crossed over, so it brings me joy to be using the canner she used. Something special about that connection to my mom.

Anyway back to the present. We have had a great green bean crop this year. I planted one row for us, and the deer ate some of that row :-) so I planted a second row that is doing wonderfully. And if you have been looking at the pictures from this summer we have been eating green beans with quite a few meals. DELICIOUS!!

So yesterday I picked what needed to be harvested and canned green beans. I had to take a picture because they just look so good. And it is so satisfying to know that not only do I have enough in my garden to feed us through the summer but I have enough to put some away for winter use.

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