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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Recycled Bag

OK I don't have a whole lot of time to post, but wanted to share this recycled bag I made out of the plastic grocery type bags. It took I really don't know....maybe 40 or so bags. I just kept cutting up bags until I was done. Here is a link to the hows of making the "yarn" then I just used a large crochet hook and worked up a bag. This one is holding socks, hats etc that I need to upload to my etsy store...someday... I will say one thing I learned this time around, the heavier plastic bags worked poorly, they seemed to "stick" together and stick to my crochet hook making it difficult to work with. I now know I prefer the cheaper bags, you know the ones that rip as you are walking out of the grocery store ;-) those ones.


Madeline said...

That is so cool. I took a crochet class with my son and the teacher talked about these but I hadn't seen one. I'm also inspired by your miracle whip dressing and will be making that once I get some lemons. I haven't had miracle whip in over a decade and I used to love it.

Sasha said...

Those things are so difficult (if not impossible) to recycle, so it's rad to see someone doing SOMETHING productive with them. :)