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Monday, September 22, 2008

Back on Track

OK we are home. Seems like it has been a long month, and the month isn't over yet. But we had a wonderful time at the FLT gathering. Of course I brought my camera, but as usual, did not get it out for the entire weekend. Having too much fun to think about taking pictures. So you will have to imagine the wonderful food we had at the eat local pot luck meal. And it was delicious, we had so many different dishes, and each was yummy and local!!

Sitting in the hot tub last night I saw the most amazing bug. It was huge. Well huge as far as bugs in this neck of the woods go. I have a couple of pictures. It was just over an inch long. With very long legs. For such a creature it moved so S L O W L Y. I watched it moving along for at least 20 minutes, then would check in from time to time to see where it was ending up.


Madeline said...

We just saw this same bug on our exercise bike (which lives on our porch, unused. Maybe he was ahving a work out). They think it may be a wheel beetle.

Victoria said...

Check out what this bug is known for here:

Pam Genant said...

That is pretty cool. Glad to know they are beneficial bugs.