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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Self Preservation

OK the season is winding down. I still have some veggies in the garden. We are back home so I really need to take care of them. Yesterday I picked the last of our beets and cooked them up this morning. Just waiting now for them to cool so I can freeze them. Don't they look beautiful. And now the house is full of that wonderful earthy smell of beets. I have saved the water I used for cooking, want to see if the beet juice will make a good dye for the wool I have. Of course I need to wash the wool first, but will let you know how it turns out.

I do still have onions and peppers in the garden I need to freeze and also potatoes. I know the potatoes will keep over winter in the garden, it just doesn't get cold enough here for them to freeze. And I kept them in the garden last year, digging them up to use when I needed them. BUT I need to start amending the garden, compost needs a home. So I am debating digging up my potatoes. Not sure where I will keep them if I do dig them up. I have wanted to get an old refrigerator into the ground for a root cellar of sorts, have even seen directions on line to take out the motor etc. Just haven't had the time to "make it happen". We are also still eating watermelon out of the garden, and I have egg plant to preserve as well. Lots to do, not enough time, LOL. But oh so yummy!!

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