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Sunday, October 19, 2008


We planted popcorn this year. Unsure how it would grow, develop, we tried it anyway. And we were so pleasantly surprised. We bought the kernels from Southern Exposure Seeds. And just harvested the ears a couple of weeks ago. This was a wonderful crop, we just planted it and forgot about it. It grew with the weeds, and we had so many ears, we just let them dry on the stalk. Then when we were ready to till up the garden we harvested all the ears.

Haven't had a chance to try any, since we have been away ever since. But last night Jackson brought out the ears and we shucked three, took off the kernels and popped it. The kernels just fell off the ear with just a little encouragement. It was so nice and tasty and ours. I think we will grow more next year.
Did manage to get a picture before the boys ate all the popcorn.

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tanya or MOM said...

I would love to grow that! I will be ordering some!