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Monday, October 20, 2008

Up on the Roof

OK so we have put off finishing our roof for a year now. The house is finished it is the garage we have been putting off. This weekend we ventured back up on the roof and worked. Actually have it almost finished. It has been hard. Finding a contractor to do the roof for us was impossible. We have so many different peaks and angles. And our roof is not all the same pitch. So contractors, once they saw the roof, didn't even want to touch it. They charge by the sq ft, and our house wasn't worth it. I even offered to pay extra for the difficulty, but no. So we tackled the job ourselves. It has taken time because we are working around Jackson's schedule.
While I was up there I was just looking around at all the beauty. Fall is such a lovely time and you can see everything from the roof. It was a chilly morning so the boys wanted to start a fire, in the fireplace. It was fun watching the smoke curl up around the chimney. Here are a couple of pics. Hopefully we will finish the roof next weekend and be done. Yeah!!

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