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Friday, November 21, 2008

Dark Days Challenge

OK this year I am participating in the Dark Days of Winter Eat Local Challenge. Getting a slow start this week as it has been a busy week with a lot going on but here is my eat local meal.

We had collards that were frozen from the summer harvest, along with beets that were frozen as well. I was trying out freezing my beets this year as I do not like the texture of canned beets, much prefer the frozen ones and think I will do this again next year as well. We were supposed to have roasted potatoes with this meal, but dh moved my bin of potatoes in the garage, so I have no idea where my potatoes are. :-) I will find them eventually. I also made a loaf of bread, local flour and honey in that. And as vegetarians we had fake chicken with some spices.

The nonlocal ingredients were the oil and yeast in the bread, and the fake chicken. Some of the spices came from my garden some did not.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the beets - I can happily eat them frozen, but canned just tastes "wrong" somehow. Silly DH on the potatoes! My winter squash and potatoes are also in the garage, and each in its place, I'd be running in circles if they were moved, hee hee