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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dark Days of Winter

This week has been such a busy week. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving, and also Jackson was on call, so we used what time we had together to work on our living room. Just repainting and hanging all the art work we have been collecting over the years. Actually we are still in the process so I don't have a whole lot of time to write now about the living room but will in another post soon.

I do have a local meal. Lately meals have been quick and on the go, so this is my Dark Days, local meal for today. A cheese sandwich. Local goat cheese, homemade bread with local flour and honey, local lettuce from a friend who was harvesting the last of the lettuce from her garden before a freeze took it all, and my homemade mayo, with eggs from my chicken. So the non-local ingredients include, yeast, oil and salt for the bread, spices and oil for the mayo.


MangoChild said...

I have been learning that the simple meals are often the best. Local flour, local honey, mmmmmm.

jack said...

honey and goat cheese... YUM!