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Monday, November 17, 2008

Wood Heat

I blogged a while ago about our heating struggles, wanting a more eco friendly option, but settling for a new heat pump because no one around here will install something different. Well I do not like forced air heat/electric heat. IT IS NOT WARM!! I grew up with wood and oil heat, and we have a furnace here. We really want to get away from burning oil in our home.

So we added an insert into our fireplace. This added another source of heat for our house. And I am totally enjoying it. I can really keep the thermostat set low (for us that is around 65 degrees), with the wood stove burning it keeps our large living room nice and toasty. Our kitchen also stays warm. We spend most of our days that are inside, in the living room so this may just work out. We will have to see. We have bought some wood this year as we were not anticipating burning wood for heat, so did not cut any from our woods. But we bought from another homeschooling family, that gets most of their wood from trees that neighbors are cutting down etc. So NO clear cutting.

We are truly blessed.

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