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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dark Days of Winter

Another week another local meal. Although we eat local food quite a bit. This week is not much different. Our local meal consists of local sweet potato, white potatoes from our last years garden, beets from our last years garden and local cabbage, and bread that is mostly local (local flour and honey, non local yeast and salt). The non local portion of the meal is the fake chicken.

The sweet addition to this weeks meal is pecan pie. Local flour, local egg, local pecans from a friend's yard-YEAH!! So nice, I sat and shelled them the other day and turned them into pie today. YUM!! non local sugar and vanilla, non local vegetable shortening in the crust. But still oh so delicious. I did take a picture of the bread and pie. Had to take a quick pic as the bread was disappearing fast.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I really need to get serious about my seeds. I keep saying that I need to order seeds but have so far not even made a list of what we want in our garden this year. I am far behind what I had accomplished by this time last year. So now I am going to move forward and at least get a list going:

*Green Beans
*Egg Plant
*Mustard Greens
*Collard Greens
*Sweet Potatoes
*Honey Dew Melons
*Great Northern Beans
*Black Eyed Peas
*Kidney Beans
*Sweet Corn

OK so that is what comes to mind right this minute. We also need a few more grape vines. I am going to plant grape vines around my garden to attempt to keep the deer out. And I may also plant some turnips as well, we will see.

That is the list, next thing to do is check out my seeds and see what I have and what I need to order. I will get starter potatoes and onions here locally. As well as probably cucumber plants. Although last year the cucumber plants were not even really old enough to be sold, they only had two leaves on each plant and those were the first leaves. Whoever started those should have started their seeds earlier, but by that time we had not started any of our own. So needless to say we didn't really have any cucumbers and had to replant a couple of times. I am not going to be able to start my own seeds this year. And to tell you the truth each time I have tried, I have not been really successful.

We will see, hopefully tomorrow I can have a list of what I need to purchase.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Boxer Foster

We have recently decided to become a foster home for the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue organization. They do not have a "shelter" and rely completely on foster homes for their rescue efforts. Our first boxer came to live with us just about a week and a half ago. I was a little nervous. We have three female dogs in our home, and this was a male boxer/pit bull mix. I have one dog that is dominant, strong and independent among our dogs. I just wasn't sure this would work out but we talked about it as a family, cause this isn't something I can do alone. And we decided to give it a go.

His name is Charlie Brown.
We let Charlie rest for the first day, just the stress of moving, a new environment etc. We wanted him to be well rested before he even began to meet our dogs. OK so with our boxer Cinnamon, a little growling, easily corrected, no problem. Our lab Lady really has no interest in meeting new dogs, I mean she will meet them but she is old and has no intention of exerting herself with play. So that went well. But with our husky, Sugar. Charlie tried to lunge at her and bite, and she him etc. Both were on a leash so that was easily handled. I immediately began contacting people for advice. We didn't want to just shuffle Charlie around and we wanted to do this right. We decided to try the "Nothing in Life is Free" training techniques. What an amazing turn around. We started slow, gave positive reinforcement for each good behavior, and built on our success having Charlie sit for everything.

Charlie is a transformed dog. Just watching him roll on his back and expose his belly to Sugar is wonderful to see. He gave up his need to be dominant after only about a week. Of course he wants to play and Sugar really has never played with any of our dogs so she is not interested. Charlie does like to play with Cinnamon. He is such a wonderful dog. He is only a year old so has so much energy. Loves to run and play fetch. He enjoys walking on a leash. And then he gets tired and curls up on the floor at my feet for a nice nap. He is totally house broken, YAY!! and has not even attempted to mark a corner. I think he will make a family a wonderful pet. He LOVES people. Loves to be petted and will sit all day long if you are scratching his back. He knows the command sit, and is well on his way to learning down, smart dog. And so handsome. You can't see it in the picture, but his skin has black spots. You can barely see them through his fur, but you can see them on his belly. Too cute.

Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue only adopts to NC, SC and parts of VA, but if any of you live or know anyone who lives in this area and are looking for a wonderful companion, please go to the web site and fill out their adoption application.

It is so rewarding to be helping out a boxer and family find each other. Originally Charlie Brown came from a shelter. Don't know who would give up such a wonderful dog.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dark Days of Winter

This week I decided to use some of the rhubarb from my freezer, well it originally came from my garden spring 2008. I had not frozen rhubarb before but it was fabulous. And a nice taste of spring, right when I am eager to have spring pop up and join us. Of course I still have to order seeds, but am still looking forward to getting my feet in the nice warm soil.

I used the rhubarb and made up a simple cobbler. Used probably not as much sugar as I would like, but was making it for my husband as a thank you for doing so much for me while my mobility is still compromised. So I made it a little tart, for him. Non local ingredients include, cinnamon, soy milk (used that so I could eat it) baking powder, and sugar. It was delicious!!