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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dark Days of Winter

Another week another local meal. Although we eat local food quite a bit. This week is not much different. Our local meal consists of local sweet potato, white potatoes from our last years garden, beets from our last years garden and local cabbage, and bread that is mostly local (local flour and honey, non local yeast and salt). The non local portion of the meal is the fake chicken.

The sweet addition to this weeks meal is pecan pie. Local flour, local egg, local pecans from a friend's yard-YEAH!! So nice, I sat and shelled them the other day and turned them into pie today. YUM!! non local sugar and vanilla, non local vegetable shortening in the crust. But still oh so delicious. I did take a picture of the bread and pie. Had to take a quick pic as the bread was disappearing fast.

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Anonymous said...

I know I've said it before, but I am always jealous of those people out there who have a local source of nuts - I wish I could find some.
Your dark days combo looks very comforting, just the thing needed. That reminds me, I need to use that cabbage sitting around....