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Monday, March 23, 2009

Dark Days of Winter

I can't remember when the dark days of winter challenge ends, I was thinking sometime in March, I really need to go look, but we eat as local as we can, challenge or not. Yesterday I made a delicious meal based, loosely, on a recipe I saw on Jamie Oliver's show on Food Network. The rice and fake chicken breast are not local, but everything else is, and actually comes from my stores from last years garden.

Lots of sliced peppers, which was good since I still have lots left. Maybe
5-6 pepper's worth, cut into strips.
2 Onions chopped in large chunks
a jar of tomatoes, adds a little sweetness to the dish
marjoram, like 1 tsp
2 tbsp of paprika
about 1/2 cup water, could use vegetable broth and it would add a nice flavor but I just didn't have any left
S&P to taste

I am thinking that was it, but sometimes it is hard to remember what I put into a dish. It was a nice, slightly spicy dish, Jackson loved it. It was delicious and one dish I will make again. In the picture you can't see the fake chicken breast but it is under the peppers, and the rice is on the bottom.

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Anonymous said...

Having veg from a summer garden in March, that's planning :-) Especially the tomatoes.... I miss those the most I think. Hard to believe this week was the last for the Dark Days Challenge.