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Monday, April 13, 2009

Foster Boxer #2...Arianna

Here is a picture of our second foster boxer. Her name is Arianna, and she is such a sweet girl. She is deaf and it has been fun teaching her sign language. She is catching on quickly. Arianna was dropped off at a shelter in Virginia, and because of her deafness was not going to be put up for adoption. So Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue stepped in and this past Friday Jackson, the boys and I, drove 5 1/2 hours north to the shelter to pick her up.

She rested quietly on her cushion all the way home. Took a couple of breaks so she could get some water and walk a bit, she was so happy. She is settling in so well at our house. My boxer, Cinnamon, just loves her. She is skinny but has no appetite problem, so should gain weight quickly. And did I say she was beautiful. I don't think she will be a foster for long, people are just going to fall in love with this gem. She has an appointment to be spayed on May 7, which was the earliest appointment they had. I guess that is a good sign that they are busy and so many people are having their pets spayed/neutered.

So busy weekend. But such a nice one.