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Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's Growin'

As I mentioned earlier, I don't have a large garden this year. Just a dozen or so tomatoes, equal number of peppers, cucumber, zucchini, egg plant and some herbs. I may get a little planting done this weekend, if the weather holds, maybe green beans, beets and okra. But there sure are things growing and blooming all over the place, so I dug out my camera and decided to check out just what was going on, while the boys were still sleeping soundly.

Here is our patch of sun chokes (Jerusalem Artichokes), planted last year, they are just spreading and growing beautifully. I can't wait until they flower, that will look spectacular.

This was labeled a "butterfly plant" when we bought it, that was the only label. It has taken up a nice spot behind the blueberries and just growing and growing. I loved seeing a butterfly enjoying this flower.

These grapes are still small, but getting larger and juicier every day. Maybe one day Jackson will save some for us to eat, for right now all his grapes are going into making wine, which, of course, is delicious, and a wonderful use of the grapes.

Last but not least were a few blueberries, we have a great patch of blueberries but this is something I would like to plant more of in the future. Not as sweet as the blueberries I remember raking as a child in Maine, but still well worth the effort.

What a glorious day it is today, makes me so grateful for the rain. The bounty that flows from this piece of property we own, some days, amazes me, I am blessed.

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Anonymous said...

If I can, I want to get my okra out too this week. I know what you mean about a garden offering a different perspective on the world - when I get gloomy about the rain, I think of how it is helping the plants to grow, and I realize how critical the rain and sun *both* are.