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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boxer Puppy Ellis

We picked up the cutest boxer puppy yesterday. A couple had stopped on the road a week or so ago, for a black kitten. They just happened to spy it out there, and when the woman got out she heard a puppy yelping from the tree line. It was this cute boxer pup.

That couple called Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue for help. They even took the pup to their vet for it's first round of shots before bringing it to us. Such sweet people. Now we have the pleasure of his puppy company for a few weeks until he finds his forever home. Phillip is in LOVE!! And we have all this boxer puppy energy in the house, keeping me on my toes (as I try hard not to step on his).

He adjusted so well. Started playing with my dogs, well with my boxer anyway. My husky and lab want nothing to do with the puppy. I think my lab, at 12, just thinks she is too old to me messing with all this puppiness. And the husky is sort of afraid of the pup. Kind of funny to watch her run in the other direction. But Cinnamon is right in there trying to play. She has never really been around a puppy before, so she is trying to set her boundaries, being careful not to hurt the pup. But still she wants to be sleeping next to the pup. LOL Very sweet.

We are so fortunate. I have to make an appointment with our vet. There are a few things to accomplish before he can be adopted. But Ellis is so precious I just know he will not be with us for long at all. So we are trying to suck up all the puppy love we can, while he is still gracing us with his presence.
If you just can't resist this cute little boxer mug, contact Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue and get your application in ASAP.


Anonymous said...

:-) Very cute. And good news on the adjustment going so smoothly. So the boxer will someday be with other humans as a home? How does that work? Do you know who?

Pam Genant said...

Yes we are fostering the pup for Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue. The Rescue puts his picture and bio up on petfinder, dogster and their own web site. Anyone wanting to adopt the pup fills out an application, on the web site, has a home visit, and that is pretty much it. There is a contract to fill out at the time of adoption. But after Ellis is neutered he can go to her forever home.

Thomas said...

He looks like such a good boy. Any clues on how he ended up where they found him? Who could abandon such a precious dog?!