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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wolf Sanctum

I have been following the trials and tribulations of the wolves in the Rockies for some time now. How different states are dealing with the release of wolves back into the wild, and the battles/struggles. So it was interesting to go visit this little wolf sanctuary here in the Mountains of NC. Run by one woman, this little place is just full of great things. She is just so knowledgeable about wolves, loves to share her passion. A few of the wolves would come up to greet, many stayed at the far end of their enclosure. And her little gift little I mean tiny, is just so jam packed with all kinds of hand crafted items. Because, not only is she a champion of the wolves, giving those that have been discarded by their owners, a place to live out their lives, but she is an artist...a very talented artist.

She is amazing. She has 16 wolves on property and runs this with very little help. She shared with us that she has no "staff" and only occasional help from volunteers. She receives no monetary help from any of the wolf conservation organizations, very few donations from the community, no discounts at local stores for the chicken she feeds the wolves, and very few monetary gifts. The only real monetary income is from what she sells in the gift shop. She said it is really a labor of love on her part, and she pays for just about everything related to the care of these wolves. What a blessing for these great creatures, some of whom she can't even get close to. No thank yous, just a deep love of the animal and passion to help.

I could have stayed there longer but we had to leave....a must see for anyone in this area or traveling through this area. Again it is the Wolf Sanctum.

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MangoChild said...

Thank you for sharing this. I think far too often it all goes unnoticed, sadly. The wolf sanctuary you describe is very special.