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Monday, February 1, 2010


I can always count on Jackson to pull a meal from nowhere. He can take whatever is left in the fridge and cupboards and make a delicious meal. This weekend it was a soup. Delicious!! Just a broth base, herbs and cabbage in the broth, then a bunch of things you could add in, sort of like Ramen soup. He got this idea from the movie Ramen Girl, which we both enjoyed. Here is a pic of some of it. As you can see it is the end of the soup, last bowl and last of the additions that go into the soup. The additions to the broth included, noodles, soy beans, carrot, celery, sesame seeds, peanut sauce, onion and cilantro. So when you are finished you have a bowl of personalized soup. Everyone here really enjoyed the soup and we used Dallen's dishes he got last Christmas as a present. So that was a plus and just made Dallen smile. The soup was so delicious Jackson is making it again this coming week. YUM~


Mangochild said...

Personalized soup, that's a great phrase. Kind of like personalized tacos, or personalized pancakes. So after all the additions are set out, do they get cooked into the base of the soup? Or are they spooned on top?

Pam Genant said...

They are spooned on top, well the soy beans were frozen so those were heated up. At first I thought that I would be crunching on shredded carrot and celery but they were cut so thin that they really added into the soup so nicely.

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