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Monday, March 29, 2010

dietary issues

OK I have blogged about my stomach and weight issues before. I have always had an iron stomach, I could eat anything and it would not bother me. But the last few years I have become increasingly bothered by certain foods. It started with carbonate beverages, wow that was probably 5 years ago, it took me a while to figure this out, I didn't drink soda much at all, but I had a soda one day at Taco Bell and I could feel it burning as it went down. That was the last carbonated beverage I had. Next came dairy, so I eliminated all dairy from my diet, well cow dairy that is. And I found that easy, I could still eat sheep and goat cheese and have found cooking with Earth Balance and soy milk equally easy without sacrificing texture or taste.

Things seemed to be going well as long as I didn't slip. If I accidentally ate a tiny bit of dairy, hidden in something it seemed to be OK but any more than a tiny bit and I was suffering, major digestive issues that I am sure you DO NOT want the details of ;-)

Then more things seemed to bother me but I couldn't pin them down at all. For the last 6 months or so I have been very frustrated and confided in a friend of mine, as I sat almost in tears, that I felt like I just needed to stop eating. I didn't know what I could or could not eat, what bothered me, what did not etc. VERY frustrated. I soon collected my thoughts and just plunged myself into a little research. Read online about food intolerance.

My research has led me to a complete change in my life style and my life. What I believe to be true in my case is that the things I crave are the things I eat all the time, which lead to more cravings and more eating. Anyway over time the things I eat all the time have been rejected by my body, I have developed an intolerance to these things.

What I have done over the past month is to eliminate them from my diet, wheat, sugar, dairy. I am also a vegetarian (but that is by choice, not an intolerance). The idea, after reading the Food Intolerance Bible, is that after a period of elimination I can add these items back into my diet on a rotating basis, just not to have them closer than 5 days together, so if I eat something dairy, I have to wait 5 days to have it again. What I am doing is different, I just want to be able to eat when we go out to a restaurant. It is hard to go to Moms Night Out and have a salad with no cheese, no meat, no croutons etc. You get the picture. So at home I have been meat free, dairy free, sugar free and wheat free.

I have tested this once, we went out for Mexican food, and I had something with dairy and wheat. And then went right back onto my elimination diet. NO PROBLEMS, I was so happy. I feel so much better and I have NO CRAVINGS. This is the first time in my life I haven't had cravings. I so love it that my home baked bread doesn't call to me from the kitchen.

All these years I have read and read about weight issues, weight gain. And everything says you need to get to the reasons you are eating, do you eat when you are happy?...YES, do you eat when you are sad?...YES well then I must be an emotional eater. So get to the heart of that. Well I have never felt like there was a heart...sure I have had my ups and downs in life, but that is life. I don't feel like I "hang onto" things. I deal with things and move on, remembering my past but not being controlled by it at all. Now I think for me it is just the cravings, I crave those things I love to eat. I don't think it is emotional eating, it is just eating.

I haven't done any more "work" on the things of my past but the pounds are falling off. My cravings are gone so I am just not eating as much. When I feel hungry now...I have to tell myself, "hmmm I'm hungry, maybe I should eat something". I also look at what I am eating more. It is more about what my body needs instead of what I am craving. I know that might not make sense but in my head it does. And it is working, it will be 4 weeks tomorrow. And I am just so happy right now. I know that if I stay with this diet plan, my stomach issues will continue to stay in check, which is big for me. I don't want to have ulcers or anything, I want to be healthy. I also know that I will be hiking with my boys and feeling good, that is HUGE for me, what I want so much, to just continue to feel better and better and enjoy life to it's absolute fullest.


Wenwe said...

Congratulations on feeling better!! Big step and big choice. I hope you continue to feel better and better!

Kathy said...

Congratulations on reclaiming your health. Last July I cut out sugar and wheat for health reasons and it made me feel so much more energetic (and I lost almost 40 pounds with no effort). Last week I decided to indulge in a couple of sugary desserts and I couldn't believe how awful it made me feel. Being reminded of that lethargic feeling reinforces my resolve to stick with a healthier way of eating.
I wish you the best as you continue on your healing path.