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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Garden Excitement

I always get itchy to get into my garden this time of year. It is about time too, seems like this winter was particularly snowy and cold (two reasons I left Maine). But the sun is out and time to get crackin'. This year I will have Phillip helping me in the garden, he is excited to get started as well. We made our planting list this morning and are also planning a double layer deer fence, to keep out our lovely intruders....

Here is our list so far, in no particular order:
-sweet corn
-bell peppers
-jalapeno peppers
-collard greens
-green beans
-cow peas
-black eyed peas
-sweet potatoes
-egg plant
-lemon balm
-butternut squash

And looking at things we have quite a few in seeds, some we will buy at the feed store as seedlings and I will only have to buy three of four as seeds this year, always a bonus.

My ankle is feeling great so that won't slow me down this year. We are ready to get started!!

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