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Friday, June 18, 2010

How Does the Garden Grow

It grows by leaps and bounds. This year has been the best gardening year. I have the weeds totally under control, the whole garden is mulched with grass clippings, making it so soft to walk on in bare feet. And I am thoroughly enjoying spending time up there. Everything is growing like crazy, we have plenty to eat and plenty for the freezer. Right now we have cucumbers, lettuce, green beans, greens, a couple of peppers, beets, and radishes. So many squash ripening on the vines, and huge tomato plants with so many tomatoes. I can't wait for those to ripen so I can begin making sauce for winter. YUMM!!!

Here are a few pics of our harvest and one of Jackson's last pizza creation. It was so delicious, gluten free, dairy free crust with lots of herbs and greens from the garden.

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