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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


OK so this is our adopted addition, Ellis aka Cinderella. When I am working in the dining room he loves to be in the fire place, maybe it is just cooler in there on the brick. Too cute.

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Additions

Here are a few pictures of the new chickens we added to our farm. Some are very CUTE, some not so cute, 5 are roosters (so far). All seem to be happily adjusting to our place. They have their own coop and hen pen now and hopefully in another week or two we will start letting them free range during the day.
Yesterday Jackson heard a lot of dogs barking on our property so he drove down to the corner of our field and saw a pack of about 10 dogs all barking at *something* he guessed they had cornered an animal of some sort, although he could not see anything. These were not hunting dogs and had no collars on, but were like some wild pack of "former" pets. He said he was glad he drove down there and didn't walk as he started out. They were just really scary looking and not "friendly".

He is going to talk to animal control today to see what can be done, if anything, about them. We have never seen them before but we have a good deal of woods by our house. So we aren't sure if they are passing through or "here to stay". They were not out there last night so we will see what happens. But it makes me nervous to let my animals out. I hate to fence in our field with electric fence, I don't want to keep out other critters, but we may have to. Time will tell.

Anyway here are some pictures of our adopted chicks:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Additions

Over the past weekend we picked up some new additions to our family. 14 chickens from a friend that was moving out of town and needed to rehome them. And 5 sugar gliders that were rescued by an employee of Chimney Rock Park, they needed a new forever home as well. My hope is to take more pictures as we go along but here is the first instalment of "Our New Additions".

This is a female sugar glider. She is very friendly and has taken a liking to Phil. He loves playing with them. Isn't she just beautiful. We also had out the daddy of the bunch, also a handsome boy but not as friendly, he does love grapes though. And we took the baby out for just a minute or two, to find out he was a "he" and just hold him for a minute. They are so cute. We stayed by the cage with the baby so that mom and dad could see him. And they just kept looking through the wire at their baby boy. Then when we put him back in his "nest", all 4 other sugar gliders went running in to make sure he was OK, before they came back out to eat.

More from the Garden

We have been harvesting so much from the garden this year. Living on fresh veggies is such a delight, and I feel like we live in such abundance when I can put so much into the freezer for winter. Pictured are just a sampling of what we are harvesting. I also have a huge box of tomatoes I am working through. Already have some spaghetti sauce and tomato sauce in the freezer.

Tonight I think I will make some of Phillip's favorite, eggplant sauce, so yummy over pasta.