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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Additions

Over the past weekend we picked up some new additions to our family. 14 chickens from a friend that was moving out of town and needed to rehome them. And 5 sugar gliders that were rescued by an employee of Chimney Rock Park, they needed a new forever home as well. My hope is to take more pictures as we go along but here is the first instalment of "Our New Additions".

This is a female sugar glider. She is very friendly and has taken a liking to Phil. He loves playing with them. Isn't she just beautiful. We also had out the daddy of the bunch, also a handsome boy but not as friendly, he does love grapes though. And we took the baby out for just a minute or two, to find out he was a "he" and just hold him for a minute. They are so cute. We stayed by the cage with the baby so that mom and dad could see him. And they just kept looking through the wire at their baby boy. Then when we put him back in his "nest", all 4 other sugar gliders went running in to make sure he was OK, before they came back out to eat.

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