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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Growing Family

I know our family keeps getting bigger and bigger, but when you see the pics of our newest additions you will know why, how could anyone resist these little cutie pies. The are from an all breed rescue organization in South Carolina, Canine Shelter Rescue. These people do amazing work, and Barbie, she was the foster mom for our pugs, is just the best. With a house full of dogs she manages to keep everyone under control and happy.

These two are around 8 weeks old, sisters. The black one is Violet and the fawn one is named Penny. Their personalities so fit their names. :-)

We are really enjoying watching them play, and roll around together, they get along great with our current dogs. Ellis has made it his job to keep an eye on them at all times, making sure they aren't getting into trouble. Just a joy to have in our lives.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


OK so the garden is bursting at the seams. It is so wonderful to be back with a huge garden full of delicious goodness. Here is some cantaloupe we harvested yesterday. I had intended to take a picture just after I cut it in half, but got carried away cutting and realized, as I finished, that the camera was still on the table beside me.
But here is a picture of all the juicy goodness. So delicious, I love it warm, fresh out of the garden. Right now we have an abundance of melons, and I thoroughly enjoy melons so I am in bliss this time of year. Yum Yum.