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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seems Like Forever

...since I have blogged on here.  My energy dwindles once harvesting is over.  It is work work work toward the end, cooking, freezing, harvesting, cooking, get the picture.  Then it is done and I am tired.  We did get all the leaves from fall up into the garden, they are decomposing nicely as we speak, and in a month of two we will start hauling composted manure from a friends horse barn up into the garden, till everything in and start all over again.  :-)  By then I will be itching to get my hands and bare feet into the soil.

What I wanted to share today was my kombucha scoby.  It is just too beautiful.  I have been fermenting kombucha for myself for maybe a year now, love it, and love experimenting with different teas to see what flavors I come up with. 

I did have a couple of 1 gallon jugs that I was using and one of them was my scoby reserve.  That is what I called it anyway, it was FULL of scoby, solid.  So a month ago I decided to break that up and see what I can do with it.  I bought a nice 2 gallon jug and put about 6 inches of scoby in that one with some nice green tea and a bit of a fruit/green tea mixture.  I left a few inches of scoby in one of my gallon jars.  I flushed a couple of inches into the septic system, and the rest I put into my other gallon jar with some tea to save for friends.  I have had a couple of friends want to try fermenting kombucha.

So this past weekend I "harvested", is that what you call it?,  the tea (and it is so yummy!).  The scoby that was growing on the top of my 2 gallon jug was just so pretty, so I took a picture.  In the picture you can see the scoby that are underneath, they sort of turned sideways.  Those are from the gallon jug so you can see just how much is in there, and believe it or not that was only part of that giant colony.  And the new scoby is on the top and "fits" the 2 gallon container.  Isn't it so nice and white and pretty.  

So today is scoby sharing day.  I am bringing the gallon jar that has about 8 inches of scoby in it with me to our Homeschool Art Day, and anyone that wants some can have it.  I can share how I ferment kombucha and just how easy it is.  Any that is left I will bring home and that will give me two gallon jars plus my big 2 gallon jar.  It just grows so fast and I feel bad about "throwing" scoby away, so it either goes in our septic system or the compost bin, either way it is "used". 


Julie said...

Cool! : )

Kathy said...

I didn't know the scoby could go in the compost. I throw one away every now and then because I don't know anyone that wants one. After a while they pile up and I need to get rid of some.