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Saturday, March 12, 2011


For a while now we have been helping out with transporting dogs.  Dogs that are being rescued out of Shelters here in the south and heading north to different rescue organizations.  So more dogs are being saved.  This is something the boys and I are really enjoying.  We get to snuggle with some awesome dogs/puppies, and help them along their journey.  Today was one of those days, amazing day, we drove two dogs from Hickory NC to Asheville NC, where another family picked them up to drive them on the second leg of their journey north.  Today's crew was composed of two very sweet girls, young in age, but obviously bred at least a couple of times already in their short lives.  Still very sweet and so content to just sit and be patted and loved. 

Very early start for us today, but after we transport the dogs we have breakfast in Asheville, then head back home.